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Saturday, 31 December 2011

A twist of positivity.

Yesterday morning, I called my mum and asked her to come over because I was sad. Because she's my mum, and utterly fabulous, she came with flowers. We talked for ages about why I was sad and she attempted to make me feel better about her latest health scare. She failed miserably but it made me laugh none the less. 

This morning I am another pound down on the scales :oD That makes 3 since my fill on the 21st. This has boyed my spirits a lot. I am starting to become more confident that I can use this tool. I may struggle, I may fall down but I will get back up and eventually I will make it. 

Here's to 2012. A year when we are all going to do better, succeed more and hopefully be happier as a result. Happy new year to you all. xx

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MandaPanda said...

I'm with you. 2012 HAS to be better than 2011...just has to. Great losses since your fill!