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Sunday, 11 December 2011

First party buffet

I went to my friend's son's baptism today and the obligatory after party. It was really nice and lovely to see so many people I knew, but other than the small handfull of people I was with, nobody knows about my band.

I was a little worried because this was the first time I was in a party setting with continuous buffet and drinks. Luckily the food came didn't come out until 3 pm so we had 2 rounds of drinks and then (leaving the last 1/4 in my glass) we hit the buffet. It was great because there was a really big variety. Although I am still not meant to eat bread, I took 2 triangular sandwich quarters so I didn't look wierd but there were also mini cocktail sausages, chicken fingers, salmon on toasts, chicken on toasts and mini pizzas. I had a little of everything. I filled my side plate and ate it all (bar one super long chicken finger I gave to the little girl next to me because it was a record breaker!) slowly but carefully. I didn't go up for seconds. I didn't feel hungry or deprived. I did put a piece of coffee cake in a napkin in my handbag and thought, I shall have that after my tea tonight. yum yum. I am quite proud of myself. Well done me and thank you band. xx


Sam said...

Congrats on your first loss after starting back on solid food, I remember that time and I found it a little hard to take. And welcome to blogland :o)

You did well at this party. It can be difficult to learn how to socialize again after being banded and suddenly not being able to eat everything. But it sounds like you succeeded really well.

Sarah said...

Thank you Sam. :oD

Think it definately helped ease the transition by going with a loose band at the moment.