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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Post concert and dietician blues

First and foremost, the good news. I have lost 2 lbs. Taking me back to where I was before the random 4 lb weight gain. I don't feel I deserved a 2 lb loss but I certainly didn't deserve a 4 lb gain, so I shall take it and chalk it up to karma.

The concert last night was fun. It was great to see my friend and her very cute (although exhausted by the end) niece. Best of all, no fibbing necessary. We weren't that hungry before the show started. Then we decided to leave before the end to avoid car park crush. We got our tickets free because my friend works for one of the group. They were good and I don't dislike their music but neither of us were super excited to go see them, we went to take a little girl who could barely keep her eyes open when we left. The McDonalds visit came on the way home. Since I was driving, I just ordered water and they munched away in the car. Not even sure they took any notice.

I did notice during the concert that my band and port seemed to react to the loud beats from the music. Wasn't sure if it was the volume or the bass but it left my tummy ringing the same way your ears do. It was quite surreal.

In other news, I had my dietician phone call appointment this morning. I am getting a little demotivated (especially since my random 4 lb gain) but she was very much of the opinion it's all very normal. Thankfully I managed to control my temper and shout at her about the amount of money I have spent to loose hardly anything and not feel very different. She said she was more than happy for this fill on Wednesday to go ahead and offered to book me in for a 3rd fill. The conversation went like this:

Me:  (enthusiastically) Really, that's fantastic thank you.
Her: No problem. Clinic days in January will be on a Tuesday.
Me:  Well as I'm a teacher it would have to be after half past 4. 
Her: Oh no. We can't accomodate that. Our nurse finishes at 4 pm. How about in February?
Me:  (frustrated, upset but calm) When I came for me consultation I was told there were definately fill appointments in evenings and weekends. I cannot take time off during the school term.
Her:  (defensively) We do run weekend clinics. I am phoning you today aren't I?!

Long story short I have an appointment on Saturday 14th January on the other side of London. It will take me well over an hour to get there but I can go and do something fun in the city on my way home after. Then we need to arrange another dietician phone call consultation. It was hard to convince her to give me an evening appointment (as I don't have anywhere to talk privately at school) but I have an appointment for the end of January. I'm hoping that I will then be able to get a fill in February (my 4th!) if I need it, during the half term break.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. xx

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Sam said...

Glad to hear there was nothing to worry about with your friend :o) and good luck with your fill appointments, that sounds like it could be some fun times trying to get in at a convenient time :/