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Monday, 19 December 2011

Parents and Invitations

So yesterday. after a very lazy start of the holiday weekend, I went to visit my mum and dad. My parents love me very much but we are very different people and my dad and I do not get along well. They are trying to be understanding about the band, but mostly they really suck at it. I explained about eating on a side plate, about needing to eat 1/4 protein, 1/2 veggies and all low fat. I explained about my band not being very tight yet. My mum came to my first consultation with me back in July so she heard it all then but yesterday, when I was eating my dinner it seemed to sink in a little more. So much so that, after dinner, my dad set the timer on his watch for an hour so I would know when I could have a drink. As I said, they try.

When we had finished I got a text from a friend who is getting married in May, asking if Ed (my ex) has come to his senses yet as she is about to do all her wedding invites. She knows well enough that things are complicated at the moment (he has a bad case of Peter Pan syndrome and doesn't know if long term he can give me what I want) but we're talking now and both miserable apart so I have reason to hope. She's going to put him down for now (fine by me) but this leaves me with an entirely different dilemma. I am being invited to her wedding. A for definate, will you come to the wedding, with or without Ed, invite. "How lovely," you say! "Oh b******s!" say I.

Many of the people at the wedding will not have seen me in a very long time and the last time they did, I was several stone down on where I am now. Some of them are people I dated briefly (and would like to think I look hot) and others are good friends with the former ex (and need to tell him I look incredible!). I know I am an amazing person. I am kind, caring, generous, understanding etc and looking sexy is not the be all and end all of my life but this realisation sent me into panic mode. The wedding is 5 months on Boxing Day (26th December) or 22 weeks on Saturday. How much can I lose between now and then? I've been trying so hard and not got very far since coming off fluids. I hope that the fill on Wednesday will make it a lot easier but I have to work even harder. I've set myself a minimun target of 40 lbs, taking my weight to 184 (or 13 st 2) but I would really like to be closer to 12 st 10 (45 lbs down). I have put a ticker at the top to mark it off and am hoping confessing and committing to a goal on here will help. 

The last time they all saw me I looked like this

My Action  Plan
  • get to the gym at least 4 times a week
  • go to the gym 5 times a week in the holidays
  • I-Joy Ride it every day
  • stick to side plate portions
  • stick to the 1/4 protein and 1/2 veggies rule
  • NO second helpings
  • NO fast food
  • NO christmas chocolates/biscuits/sweets
  • NO desserts 
  • NO liquid calories at home
  • Wine only for special occasions
  • Limit meals out to 1 per week after Christmas

If anyone has any other hints or tips, I would really appreciate them.

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Sam said...

I know you can do it, stick that photo on your fridge as a reminder of what you are aiming for. And don't let any little setbacks along the way stop you, for instance if it TOM and you usually see a little gain at that time, don't step on the scale during it. It is better to stay motivated then to see the fluctuations that our body goes through at that time.

Good luck and keep us posted :o)