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Friday, 23 December 2011

A good day with friends and a NSV

I love days when you get to see lots of friends.

It began by getting up and going to the gym. I was already running late but I knew I needed to go (gym was shut Wednesday due to electrical works and I didn't make it Tuesday) so I forced myself. In I went. I cycled hard. I upped my weights on 3 of the 4 weight machines I use (adductor, abductor and tricep) and then (get ready to be impressed) I ran my whole cycle of intervals for 11 minutes and 30 seconds! The full whack! Last time I was in, I had to ask my trainer to change the program because my heart rate was going too high (over 180) and wasn't coming down between the running intervals but although he increased the brisk walk time to 1 minute each, I didn't reduce the total number. The total time is longer but I run 8 intervals at 8.0 for 30 seconds. I was thrilled so I thought I would share.

Then I went off delivering gifts. I got to have big cuddles with 2 very gorgeous babies and coffee with their mummies. I went up the motorway to have a late lunch with a friend (who knows all about the band and my recent fill) so we had weight watchers soup. We played on her xbox kinect until her food shopping arrive and after we went off to go ice skating. I haven't ice skated since I was a very little girl and I was rather scared. I used to roller skate loads but honestly don't think I have ice skated since I was 7 or 8. I wasn't awful but I wasn't good. Mostly I wouldn't venture far from the side in case I fell but I became more confident as the session went on. I fell once but it doesn't really count because someone skated out in front of me from the edge and I couldn't stop myself so went to skate into the barrier - except that was where there was a gap for entry and exit and no barrier to use so I skated off the ice and fell down the step! D'oh!

My friend took pictures (of me skating not falling down the step) but she hasn't emailed them to me yet so will put them up soon!

Then after a very yummy mushroom soom dinner, I went off to dive club. I love diving.

Dive club is the only place where everyone knows about my band and I had a great night talking about the latest round of diving trips and plans for diving in the new year (boat trips off the south coast, diving off the pier in Swanage and a holiday in the South of France) but I want to go diving again and they have no clue about what that would mean. Some people say it's fine (I've been on dive forums and LBT), my clinic doesn't seem to have a clue (oh maybe you should have some out, I think it depends how deep you're going we'll check - they haven't got back to me) so I am now on a mission to find out, because they have some really good course deals until 1st January and the France holiday is arrangements begin on the 5th. Fingers crossed. xx


Andrea said...

Good job on the working out! Awesome NSV!

Anonymous said...

Wow- it sounds like a busy day for you.