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Sunday, 17 November 2013

A new beginning.

I'm still going. 

It's amazing the difference a message from your role model can do. Catherine from Chronicles is mine. We were banded on the same day a few years apart and during my first year, I often asked myself what I thought she would do. She has had similar heart aches, family health concerns and has a job that takes up most of her time too. 

So when she sent me a message saying put down the cookies and get my arse to the gym. I did. I've been twice since then too. It's not a miracle but slowly and surely, I shall overcome.

It was children in need on Friday (UK based charity supporting children with medical conditions, terrible family circumstances or living in extreme poverty). We dressed up as super heroes.  I was super girl complete with Pudsey ears. He's the long standing symbol of children in need. 


Catherine55 said...

I am so proud of you!! And honored to be mentioned in your post! That is awesome -- you're a total superhero for changing that pattern and getting on a better trajectory! xoxo

Beth said...

Every journey begins with a few slow steps. As much as you can, make living healthy a part of your life, a CHOICE you make -- not something you HAVE to do (this is how I tricked my brain, too). I got to where I said I could give myself X number of minutes a day, that I was worth it. Here's hoping you can stay on that path. :)

MandaPanda said...

Well done! I think you may become my new role model. Good for you!