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Monday, 12 December 2011

Crazy Monday

I have followers! Hello, pleasure to meet you :oD xx

Today has been INSANE! My school breaks up for the holidays on Friday and we are currently producing a pantomime (English show/play/musical with lots of comedy) only this year we are running rather behind. It's on for two nights, Wednesday and Thursday and we have only rehearsed on the stage once before the whole school rehearsal this afternoon. Add to that going swimming with a coach driver who doesn't know how to get to the swimming pool or back to school again and you may begin to get the jist of my day.

I'm cross with myself because I ate four cookies today but I did go to the gym on the way home. I ate my lunch (roast chicken breast and coleslaw in a wholemeal pitta) quite quickly. I need to try harder to eat my lunch slowly. When I get my next fill (hopefully) my band won't be so forgiving of rushing. Also the scales this morning said I've put on 4 lbs! Now I know I've not been brilliant but I haven't been that naughty! I've stuck to side plates and for the most part made healthy choices. Certainly not 4 lbs of unhealthy choices! :o( I'm hoping it could be water retention or just some other sort of daily blip and the scale fixes itself tomorrow. I'm also going to try to go to the gym again tomorrow since Wednesday night is Pantomime 1. Maybe then I can forgive myself a bit.

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Justine said...

Hi Sarah
Just found your blog via your comment on Catherine's (Chronicles). Wanted to say hello as I'm a UK bandster too; congratulations on making the decision to become banded, and good luck with the journey!