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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Universal truths

A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.
-- Pooh's Little Instruction Book, inspired by A. A. Milne

I'm feeling rubbish. Lack of sleep and not so good eating. Thankfully I can allow myself a night on the sofa with bones tonight. I need to do something more proactive about losing weight though. Eating crap and wishing it away doesn't work so well, even with the odd bit of exercise thrown in. I am not hungry. It's all in my head but my sane side isn't winning. Xx

Monday, 7 January 2013

Spanner in the works.

Don't you just hate it when things do not go to plan?

I'm behind with my school work because I was enjoying myself far too much (having fun with A2, working out and watching TV) over Christmas to get it done - d'oh!

We started back today with a day of meetings. There was no coffee in the staff room. At break time I headed down to the dining room where we were being given chocolate croissants. Yum. Then at lunch I choose the ravioli (a small portion) rather than the burger and wedges but was then given a chocolate doughnut.

I was cross with myself after I ate it. I texted A2 about how they were trying to corrupt my good intentions.
"Just don't eat it!" he said.
"Thanks babe," I replied, "that hadn't occured to me."

Later this afternoon I was given some sad ish news. It's been expected but I'm a little sad nonetheless. The teacher I am covering for is hoping to return to work after the half term break in February. I'm loving it so much at this school with my lovely class, I shall really miss them. I am pleased she is better though. That's a good thing. I just wish there were jobs for both of us.

In other news, our very own Beth has started a new blog. Stop by and say hello.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Oh bollocks!

How did it get to be Sunday so quickly. I have so much to do and all I really want to do is curl up on the sofa with my lovely boyfriend and watch rubbish on TV whilst eating yummy rubbish and not thinking about the calories.

I go back to school tomorrow. Hmmmmm.

I go to Mexico in 11 weeks and 6 days. Eeeeeek!

I need to loose weight. Blah.

I need to work out again now I can move. I couldn't move again when I woke up on Friday, Zumba didn't happen. We went to London, had a brilliant time although our ghost walk guide was more long winded than I would have liked. We saw lots of pretty Christmas lights before they go away. We ended up next to the Tower of London. Its not a busy place late on a Friday night but we managed to find a restaurant that was open. We shared some Italian bread with balsamic vinegar, (yum!) Then I had goat cheese ravioli with tomato sauce and pesto drizzle. It was really nice. One of the reasons I chose it was that it was a healthy option; advertised as being 650 calories or less. I'm not sure it really was but it was definitely better than the alternative I was considering.We skipped dessert in favour of grabbing some ice-cream to eat when we got home. I wanted to go to the store in St Pancras station but A2 felt that we should go to a supermarket that would definitely have something. It was round the corner from Kings Cross where we were getting the train home. It's not the nicest area. I used to work not far away and have walked through the station and area late at night before. It was scarier this time. I clung onto him for dear life. I've never been that girl. It was very odd but he stepped up to the whole I'll protect you role quite well given he didn't have to actually do anything.

I only had 1/2 scoop of ice cream. (Not 1/2 cup, I'm British, we don't do cups) It wasn't nice. He knows I love creme brulee and felt that I should have creme brulee ice cream (gag!) I did say I'd rather have chocolate but I think he thought I was trying to be nice and give him what he wanted. He will learn.

MandaPanda has suggested that A2 needs a new nickname. For those of you that missed it, we met through online dating after some other dodgy dates. The first A caused much debate because I nearly backed out at the last minute when I discovered he had a ring through his nose (like a bull!) When I get him to agree to actually let me get a good photo of him/us, I'll upgrade to an actual name but for now any funny suggestions are more than welcome.

Friday, 4 January 2013


I do love me some of Laura's ten things Thursday randomness. It has been so long.

1)     I went to the zoo with A2 yesterday. We had the best time. Even though the schools are still off and the rain was away, it was dead. He said at one point that even the balls of tumbleweed had left us with the place to ourselves.

2)     We saw a very scary fight where the pride of lions ganged up on one lioness and were really going for her. I was distressed, the few children that were there were so excited they were practically licking the glass. Kids love some fighting, be it in cartoons or animals at the zoo.

3)     The giraffe house was closed because the new baby had a cold. (?) Apparently giraffes get colds just like people only with more snot. Lovely huh. So they shut them all in to keep her warm and help her fight it off.

4)     I took no photos though so you'll have to keep waiting for the official couple boyfriend/girlfriend shot. Oh yes, because that is officially what we are now. I'm excited. I'm so crazy about this boy, it's unreal.

5)     After all the exercise, I was really aching in my legs yesterday. Walking around the zoo did not help. When I got into the car, I actually yelped as I sat down. When we got back to A2's house, I could not sit down on the stairs to take off my boots. He had to help.

6)     Even though I was all achy and ugg, I sucked it up and went to Body Conditioning and Pilates. How hardcore am I?!!! Body conditioning burned 630 calories!!!!!!!!! Pilates took it up to 941. If truth be told I was a little gutted I didn't make it to 1000. How awesome would that have been?

7)     Today I hurt so much, I wanted to cry getting out of bed. I was then glad I didn't make it to 1000. I would have been dead.

8)     I sabotaged myself again and ate my own weight in chocolate biscuits. I really thought I had kicked this habit. BAD SARAH!!!!

9)     I wasn't booked in for classes today (because they are pants classes on Thursdays) and I couldn't have done my gym workout so I swam. It was a saga. I wanted to see how fast I could do 40 lengths. I wanted to see how many calories I would burn. My heart rate monitor wouldn't talk to my watch. I need to look into it because it's happened before in the pool. I went into the changing rooms, adjusted, tightened but it wouldn't play. So I just swam. Quite calmly. I did 35 lengths and then had 5 minutes in the sauna. MFP says 506 calories. Doesn't feel like that many to me though.

10)   I am so excited about tomorrow!!!!  Zumba in the morning then A2 and I are off into London to see the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, eat some Sushi (because I never have) and then on a ghost walk. I love the Christmas holidays.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New year, new NSV

Happy new year.

Firstly I have to post my latest NSV. Do you remember ages ago, how looking back at pictures of me from years ago, it was agreed I look younger now? Well I've just had to send my passport off for renewal. Photos 10 years apart. 21 and 31. You be the judge of when I look better. And before you say it, I know passport photos are meant to look like crap but they are BOTH passport photos!!!!

A few days after Christmas, I weighed in at 13 st 12 3/4 (no sorry, I can't tell you what that was in pounds or kilos). It's 7 lbs (half a stone!) up from my lightest. This morning, I weighed in at 13 st 10 1/2. Not too shabby. The gym was closed yesterday so A2 and I went for a long walk and then got some late lunch/early dinner. I have another gym date tonight. My legs are killing me and I'm not sure if after a day at the zoo, they'll be any better but I'm going to do it. I won't save myself if I give up when my legs ache. Xx