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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Grrrrr to headteachers!

Well today has been another crazy day in the primary school pantomime preparation world and if I wasn't so professional I might say some very unkind things about the Headteacher who has decided to change virtually the entire dance routine my class a doing. The first show is TOMORROW! They are 8 and now in desperate need of an extra week to rehearse it! Grrrr! All the other teachers have been coming up to me and being sympathetic but there is nothing anyone can do. When she says jump, we jump.

In band related news, I got a little stuck at lunch time. I had pitta bread and low fat humous but I obviously didn't chew a piece too well. I sware I could feel it moving down my throat before it got anywhere near my band. It sat there for a minute while I sat there, at the lunch table, next to the HT (we are short on seats) praying it would go down and I wouldn't start sliming in the staff room. It did but I gave up eating the rest of my pitta.

I forced myself to go to the gym on the way home. Couldn't manage as much running as yesterday or Saturday but at least I went. Shame I've eaten so much since I got home really. Roll on band fill number 2!

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Sam said...

Bosses are the same everywhere :o)

Now remember to chew your food well :p