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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ten things Thursday

Brought to us by the lovely Laura. She has really made me laugh this week.

1)  I had to complain about the receptionist in my gym on Wednesday. My waterworks (aqua aerobics) class was cancelled but they didn't notify me. I was treated like I was crazy for turning up; they tried to tell me that they phoned everyone on the list and then I was fobbed off with a "we left a message on you're home number" which wasn't true. So I complained. The gym manager phoned me today to apologise.

2)  It is Art and Design Technology week at school. I have a week long headache. Teaching creativity is pretty much impossible. It just ends up in one big loud, stress filled mess.

3)  I have a sneaky suspicion I have done my art project wrong. 

4)   My head teacher is away this week on a conference. Only for 3 days but still :o)

5)  I was bought a cupcakes and cocktails day for my birthday which I am going on with my friend H at the end of the month. I am getting quite excited about it now. I was worried about finding someone to go. My friend who bought it for me couldn't, my mum didn't want to, my other friend couldn't get childcare and I have lots of friends who are off cakes/alcohol for lent.

6)  I am not very good at making new friends. I worry that sometimes I am too overly eager and come on a bit strong. I think I am one of those people until you get to know I am much better in tiny doses. That's part of the reason I am so pleased H said she'd like to come. We've been getting on really well for about the last year and she's been a HUGE support recently.

7)  My Tuesday night Italian class ends next week for the term and we normally have an end of term party. I am debating not going because I am getting a fill the night before. Also there is a free boat entry practice thing at my dive club. I think I'd rather go to that than go to a party where I can't eat anything.

8)  I defrosted a salmon fillet and then had beans on toast for tea because I forgot.

9)  I keep fish. I have a 5 foot oak cabinet fish tank in my lounge. It is really beautiful.

10) I have a bit of a crush on one of the guys who works in the local fish shop. He's fun, we have a bit of a laugh but nothing of any consiquence. So the other day he sent me a message on facebook. He was replying to my latest batch of tank photos. I got all excited because I thought it said restaurant ... it was actually praising me for showing restraint in the number of photos. :o( Boo!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

I'm going on a jolly holiday ... or 2!

Well as planned, Mother's Day has been lovely. I went over to see my mum with a card and her present (tickets to the Harry Potter Studios Tour at Leavesden) She was thrilled. We are big HP fans and the studios are not that far from her work.

Then despite my Dad being a grumpy, miserable git, went ahead and booked our 2 week Disney extravaganza. My mum and I have the best time together away from my Dad so I am really overjoyed, she wanted to do this with me again. I am not looking at it as a last time thing because it may be we can get away again in 2013 if she is up to it but this is a making magical memories trip. We had a bit of a wobble about the Disney Dining Plan though. We've had it twice before and found it to be incredibly good value but this time we weren't so sure. I obviously can't eat so much now and Mum just doesn't (she's an annoying skinny Minnie!) so we worked out that we would probably break even either way and not having it would give us more freedom to eat appetizers rather than mains, leave desserts rather than have them because they're included, share meals if we want the same thing or just have snack lunches of fruit (or more likely ice cream). 

I also had a lovely surprise myself. One of my diving buddies has suggested we make a long weekend out of our Easter diving jaunt so a few of us are getting a house from Friday to Monday.

It's a real bargain too £65 each for the whole weekend. (I think that's about $100) It'll be lovely to get away a chill out with some friends especially as they all know about my band (being diving friends, I thought they should). There are some lovely beaches, the jurassic coast (fossil hunting on the beach), castles and interesting coastline walks. Of course we may end up doing some extra diving but I wouldn't object ot that either! I'm really excited and I only have a few weeks to wait.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Another 2 1/4 lbs gone

Taking me to 20 lbs off in total since surgery - well 20.7 if we are being precise.

It's coming off slowly but given that I still haven't got quite the right level of restriction/satiety yet and it is at least going down, I am pleased. I mean that's an awful lot of meat or a VERY big fish. It also means I am 1/4 of the way to my top goal; realising that was a bit emotional this morning.

I am also in another stone bracket, which must be as exciting to those of you who weigh in pounds getting into the next decade down.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Brought to us by the always amusing Laura. Here are my 10 things of today.

1. Today I took my class on a school trip to Hatfield House (childhood home of Queen Elizabeth I). It was good fun. They all enjoyed it.

2. I also fell over and got grass staines on my jeans. :o( I didn't hurt myself (which was just as well since we were on a walk around the grounds) but the kids thought it was funny.

3. I ate a whole egg sandwich when I got home. My eating has been creeping up slowly.

4. I have scheduled a fill for Monday 26th. I need some more restriction.

5. I have started reading my Lap-Band Solution book again

 It helps me remember reasons for rules and best practise. Hopefully it will make me a better bandster.

6. Mother's Day is on Sunday. I have a little present for her (which she'll love) and I am going over to see her for the day.

7. Hopefully we are going to book a summer holiday together to

We are Disney junkies.

8. I found a cancellation for the character breakfast at Cinderella's castle and booked it!!! :oD I am not allowed to tell anyone because my Dad might find out and we haven't booked the holiday yet. He'll be REALLY cross and accuse us of plotting against him to bring about the end of the world or something.

9. I am really bad at keeping secrets. Quite a few people know about my Cinderella breakfast booking. :oD Oh well.

10. Ever since my underwater photography course I have been obsessing over buying a red filter for my camera to make the pictures better. It counter balances the blue to give more natural tones without having to fiddle about in photoshop. It's not very expensive, I am just not sure I can justify that expense at the moment :o(

Monday, 12 March 2012

Make a list Monday

Brought to us by the wonderous Robyn is Make a list Monday


This week’s category for Make A List Monday is your top ten current TV shows.  This list should include shows that are currently on television.  So, no Brothers and Sisters or LOST which are both shows I miss.

1.   Desperate Housewives  

 2. House

3.  Holby City

4.   The Good Wife

5.  Biggest Loser USA (UK version is totally pants)

6.    Criminal Minds (Go on tell me you'd kick Shemar out of bed!!)

7.    Dancing on ice

8.    My big fat gypsy wedding

9.    Psych

10.   Harry's Law

Special mentions for shows still running but out of season

Bones, Doctor Who, QI, Strictly Come Dancing,  The Big Bang Theory,

Sunday, 11 March 2012

A scuba diving bandster!!!

The 'kelp forest'

The 'leaf crab'

A self portrait

Well I now know how to take photographs underwater with my fancy technological camera. It's not all that easy but I got the hang of it for the most part. My band didn't feel any different but the pool is only 3 metres deep. Still it's good to know so far so good. The diving doctor gods had said the only problems would be due to air in the band or PB's. It was so funny how the explained about PB's, like they were telling someone who had no idea what they would be talking about. "There is a particular side effect charmingly referred to as “PB’ing” – Productive Burping – which can result in regurgitation of food from the upper pouch. Similarly, reflux of acid stomach contents can be a problem, especially if they come up into the mouth – a misplaced retch or cough could lead to a dropped regulator and inhalation of water." I took this to mean that I should make sure whatever I eat before the dive has properly gone down and that I am not too tight to cause reflux. If this means on longer dive trips, I take soup, that works for me.
On Easter Monday a bunch of us are off to Swanage on the South Coast for the day. Hopefully the temperature will be up to 8 or 9 C. Very cold. I can't wait to have lost the weight and buy a dry suit. I'll be toasty warm then. :o) It's 4 m under the pier and then there will be a deeper dive from a boat. Lots of picture practice and a bit more of post band test.
In other news, I have dropped a jacket size and was overweighted since being banded. Really pleased, especially as the scale hasn't moved for 2 weeks. :o) Whoop whoop!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Excited much.

I'm going diving today for the first time since being banded. I am a little nervous but only a little because it burns ...

600 Kcal an hour 

thank you very much.

If I don't blow up, I'll speak to you all later. xx

Friday, 9 March 2012


1.  When you're sick - what comforts you?

I don't take much comfort in anything except lots of paracetamol and sleep. Different things prompt different food cravings but the sleep and paracetamol get me through.

2.  How attached to your cell phone are you?

Fairly. I don't cope well with change so whilst I can have a complete meltdown at the idea of changing my phone, I don't if I leave it at home by mistake. I work on the principle that the world worked before I had a mobile and it still will if all the networks die. There are other phones, other means of communication and if someone really wants me, they'll track me down.
3.  What brand, color and kind of sneaker do you own to work out in?  Why?  Do you get a custom fit or just pick one off the shelf?
I have red sketchers with elastic rather than laces. I also have two pairs of sketchers shape ups (from a New York trip in October 2010) 
One is black and sparkly, one is grey and pink. I wear them to go walking in and by God they work your bum a lot more than regular shoes or trainers. Generally I hate wearing trainers because I don't think they are very sexy shoes but I love how I feel I've worked out when I've just gone on a marathon shopping trip.
4.  Do you ever wish you'd picked a different name for your blog and why?

I've not been blogging long enough to have that wish yet. I thought you could change the title on the bog just not the address.

5.  Repeat question.  Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

Real life
Reports are over. I can start to catch up with the rest of my work. Fingers crossed. 
Still sinking in that my Mum's cancer is only in her lungs and she can lead a 'normal' life for a couple of years.
I have been back to the gym but need to try harder with this, and my calorie intake, next week.
I also got some very sexy new SCUBA fins. They've been on back order since December.

Blog land
I have been a better blogger. I have read and commented because (with the reports over) I have more time. 
I have posted more. I have had some lovely supportive comments and am constantly reminded how lucky I am to have found this wonderful community.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Back on the band wagon ...

The reports are done.

I am knackered. I haven't been to bed before 1 am in the last 2 weeks. Last night I had to buy some chocolate hobnobs to see me through the final push. I actually physically would not have got anything done without the sugar rush.

Today I am going to the gym. Then I am going to come home, have a bath, have some dinner and be in bed by 9 pm! I am excited. How rock and roll is that?!


Monday, 5 March 2012

Make a list Monday

This week’s edition of Make a List Monday (brought to us by the very lovely Robyn) will focus on things you are most grateful for.  Please feel free to post your Top Ten on your blog. 
  1. My wonderful amazing Mummy. She is the best Mum in the whole world.
  2. My fabulous grandparents. They taught me so much and made difficult times so much better. I still benefit from their love and hard work and will for many many years to come.
  3. My true friends. I have realised of late that I have many special friends who genuinely care about me and my family. They will support me through difficult times.
  4. A job which I love. Many people are jobless, many people work more than one job to make ends meet. I have one, it pays the bills and I don't hate it (except when we have to write the reports). 
  5. That reports are nearly finished for another year. Whoop whoop!
  6. For my home. It is beautiful, lovely, cosy, comfortable and safe. In my eyes anyway.
  7. That the UK doesn't suffer from extreme weather. Yes it can be drizzly and damp and chilly. It doesn't downpour like the tropics, it doesn't get so cold you actually can't go out, there are no hurricanes, cyclones, terrible droughts or heatwaves so intense you cannot wear clothes. There is the odd flash flood, but it's very very rare.
  8. That I am losing weight gradually.
  9. The travel oppotunities that I have had. I love to travel and have been many incredible places. If I never go again, I would be devastated but I know that the places I have seen from California to Sierra Leone and from Isreal to Rome, I am unimaginably lucky.
  10. My cat. She makes my heart sing even when she is clawing up the carpet.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

I have good news for once.

I am still crazy busy with my report writing but I wanted to let you all know my wonderful mummy has finally had some good news. There is no cancer in her bones or liver. They will leave her on the hormone treatment for 12 to 18 months and monitor her closely until it becomes less effective and they are ready for the "next stage".

In other news, I haven't lost any weight this week (boo) but I haven't had a chance to exercise (think 5 1/2 hours sleep and the rest of the time working). Will do better after they are handed in on Wednesday.

Hope you're all well. xx