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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What a week it is ...

I am having a HORRID week.

My plan for Monday did not work out. Simply, my lovely cleaner, locked me out of my own house because she left her key in the back of the door, twisted in the lock. I had to call a lock smith, wait 45 minutes for him to arrive and it cost me £95 to get back in! It took him all of 2 seconds. Can we all say EASY MONEY! I am going to become a locksmith.

I have applied for 3 new jobs.

Job 1 has a seriously HOT teacher in a parallel class.

Job 2 headteacher asked me 3 times to apply when I went to look around. He was friendly and the school seems well supported.

Job 3 is my favourite. The headteacher was really nice. It is still quite a small school but the job is a bit of a promotion and more money than I am on now.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Tomorrow we are going to see Her Majesty The Queen. Hopefully the rain will hold off and we can stay dry. We have a "designated area" on the grass to wait in. Then the children can sit on their bin bags for the long wait (between when we have to arrive and when anything actually happens) and read their books. I am so nervous about eating in front of so many people with no easy to run to toilet but despite my Sunday evening "no I do have restriction post," I am definitely not tight. More on that next blog though.

Also 50 shades of grey is very compelling. I am having trouble getting any work done.


RockBand Barbie said...

Fingers and toes crossed for you!

I am about midway through the third book of the 50 Shades series. So far the first one has been my favorite. The second one is kinda slow in the beginning and the third one jumps around too much. But all in all, I have really liked them.

Mari said...

I can't believe it cost £95! AWFUL! But the week will get better I'm sure - it was sunny today! x

FitBy40 said...

Bring yogurt...you don't want to puke in front of the queen!

MandaPanda said...

Well...look at this way. If you do PB on the queen, she'll definitely remember you...

jennxaz said...

ummm more money....hot teacher...more money...hot teacher....its a toss up not sure which one you should pick! :)

Momee3021 said...

Hey maybe you can check out this new bandster... she's been banded in the UK - so you may have some good insight for her.
Sorry Its on your comment but I have no way of emailing you...happy weekend!