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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Comedy night out

This isn't going to be a long post because it's late and I am tired but I wanted to share that I have just been on a fabulous night out with my friend Clare.

I apply for a lot of "free tickets" to see TV shows being filmed. They hand out more than they actually have so  it's first come first served and if they run out, you usually get a priority pass for another night. Tonight's show was a stand up comedy show of 4 comedian's. We got there 2 hours before the doors opened collected our tickets and headed off to starbucks for a bite to eat. Of late, I have been thinking I have been a little loose. I eat a lot of rubbish because I am a naughty girl but even proper food seems to be going down quite quickly and my portions feel gigantic. So my friend had a chicken pasta salad 275 kcal and I had a tuna panini 493 kcal. I couldn't even eat half of it. I probably ate 3/4 of my half. I took a photo I was so impressed with myself.

So it was less calories than the salad and I can have the other half tomorrow because I took the left overs home in my handbag.

Back to school tomorrow. Boo! My aim for the day is to stay away from the biscuit tin. As a bonus, I will go to the gym.


Amy said...

I always feel the same way when I leave food. It still feels strange, but I'm no longer a member of the "clean plate club."

Lap Band Gal said...

Love the food pic :) good for you going to the gym.

Beth Ann said...

Sounds like a fun night!