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Thursday, 21 June 2012

TTT!!!!!! whoop whoop

Brought to us by Laura "the courgette/zucchini grower extraordinaire" Belle

1)   I forgot my lunch today. I ate 2 club biscuits instead. 124 Kcal each.

2)   I went for a job interview with the very good looking other teacher. I didn't get it but I kind of went off him a bit after I found out his name is Giles.

3)   The observation by the headteacher from the other school went really well, I think.

4)   Petrol prices suck £1.38 / litre! Daylight robbery.

5)   One day I shall be reading back through my blog and wondering why I was moaning about £1.38 / litre when it is £2999 / litre in the future. Cost of living future self! Cost of living.

6)   This week we discovered my mum was a teacher at the secondary school my current head went to for 3 overlapping years. Crazy woman is now being really nice to me. I don't get her at all.

7)   I am now a pampered chef rep type person. I only did it to get the bargainous starter kit but I am hoping I could make a bit of money. Bad news though if I do start making money, I am going to have to do my own tax self assessment junk. It'll probably end up costing me more than I make then.

8)   I love my little gadget which tells me where people have viewed my blog from. I mean seriously, so many different states in the US, Canada and Australia. I am fairly sure I know who my regular Paris reader is and my West Sussex reader (hey girls) but I have other followers in the UK too (Hello York and Sheffield people).

9)   I am meeting one of my friends this weekend. It will be the first time I have seen her since her wedding was called off. I am looking forward to seeing her even though I know it is likely to be painful. I have been needing to hug her for so long.

10) The chillies are playing a huge concert not very far from my house on Saturday night. The traffic will be a nightmare Saturday but I will be able to listen from my lounge. :oD


RockBand Barbie said...

I am your visitor from Clarksville Tennessee (US of course).

Our gas is expensive here too, although it has actually gone down a little this week.

Rachel said...

I am your Paris reader (waves)!

jennxaz said...

I would spend all my pampered chef monies...cause I am bad like that--waves from Arizona!