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Saturday, 23 June 2012

New phone

It's so exciting! I have a new iphone and ... this is big for me ... internet on my phone!!

Just in case you were unfamiliar.

Downside, once I got home, I tried to connect to the internet and managed (in the process of trying to work out what it was) to loose my wireless network passcode. I have been trying for hours and have resorted to lying on my stomach on a hard wood floor with the laptop plugged in at the wall. :o( Tomorrow will involve a trip to see techie types at maplin to see if there is a way to fix it without buying a new internet router. If not, new router for me. Grrrr.

Anyway one of the big reasons for buying the phone was tracking my calories better. What apps do you use to do this? Any recommendations? I've never had much luck with paper and I am hoping my phone will be easier.

Another reason was after blogging for 6 months (yes you have been listen to me ramble on for that long) I cannot imagine being away from blogland for the 2 weeks I'll be in Florida. I mean what if I PB? or get stuck? or have port pain? or trouble after the flight? who will I be able to tell? Well now I have a phone and hotel wi fi, it won't be an issue. :oD Roll on Disney. xx


Amy said...

My favorite free apps:

My Lap Band (not fantastic, but worth looking at)

Lap Band Talk (same as website, a good resource)

My Fitness Pal (love this, you can scan food labels with your phone! it rocks. My name is lifeisjustbeginning if you join and want to friend me. A lot of bloggers are on there, too. You can sync it with your laptop, too).

Couch to 5K (C25K) - guides you to a 5K, tried it once and it kicked my ass! I can't jog.

All Recipes (tons of ideas, not band related, but just a great database)

Michelle said...

MFP!!!! Obsessed with it
And my iPhone !

Banded With Favor said...

Welcome to the world of iPhone!!! I love mine, have for 5 years now!!! Ok so. MFP my fitness pal for sure... I am with Amy and Michelle on this one...I am Bandedwithfavor if you need a friend... I also have zip list it is connected to my skinnytaste.com I have saved recipe's on skinny taste and it is connected to zip list so when I click on a recipe it automatically makes a grocery list for me...that is a great feature...I too have lap and talk...fi have blogger logged in as a bookmark on my safari too....hope you love your iPhone as much as I love mine...also a little bit of info, I buy all my cases, screen covers and accessories on Amazon.com I usually spend more for shipping then for the cover itself...sad but true,,,Enjoy!!!!!

Amy said...

OOPS!! My ID is lifeisjustbeginning2011. I forgot the 2011 at the end.

Humble Beginnings said...

My Fitness Pal is the best, I think.

Congrats on the new phone ;)

Vanessa said...

Yay for the iphone!!! I'm addicted to mine!

4 Smith's said...

Sparkpeople, for some reason I like it better than my fitness pal.

Lap Band Gal said...

YAY iphone!!!

Welcome to my addiction :)

Tina said...

Goodness. I have a stupid android and haven't learned how to do any of all of this cool stuff yet :) Do all of these things work on poor old droid? I frankly hate my android and am holding out for an I phone in October when our contract is up.

I cant wait to read about how it all goes. Good luck with the router stuff.

BTH my husband says there is a little hole in the back (or a reset button). you can then go find all of the default values on the internet and reset your own passwords. Good luck!! :)


MandaPanda said...

MFP here as well but I admit I've been terrible about it.

Good luck on Job #3!

jennxaz said...

I am a myfitnesspal app user---jennxaz I link it to my fitbit(another little gadget you should get)!

Andrea said...

I have the same white iphone and love it. I use myfitnesspal to track all my calories and exercise.