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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ten things Thursday - includes a very special update :oD

Created by the incredible Laura TTT is one of my favourite blogging adventures. It has been a long time since I have done one of these because I have been slacking but I have stuff saved so here goes.

1)   Today was History Focus day and my class were Tudor explorers. We were all in costume and have had all sorts of explorer related fun, including swabbing the decks (yes my class were excited about mopping a floor!) eating biscuits with weevils, drinking stagnant green water, attempting to use a compass to walk in a straight line, making quadrants for measuring how far North we are, making old paper (using tea bags) and then writing letters on it when it dried. We've had an amazing day.

2)   I am jubilee mad at the moment. I am and have always been very proud to be British and to support our monarchy. They may not be democratically elected but they have international respect and national values at their very heart. Being a-political, they just get on with it rather than pfaffing about over who said what and who should have done what and when. I like that what they do is put the country first rather than the politics. We will not live to see another diamond jubilee. Prince Charles is 63 so ... and William (who will be King after Charles) is 30 in June, even if he ascends the thrown quickly and  average life expectancies increase dramatically, it is still a very slim chance.

3)   Tomorrow we are having a jubilee street party at school. It's not a real street party because it's in the playground but the idea is the same. All the tables go outside to make a couple of very long tables and we eat lunch together. (I may have ryevita and cream cheese or pitta and hummus) then we have and afternoon of fun and games on the field. At my station, the children will be making jubilee crowns. At others there will be; face paints, a bouncy slide, a penalty shoot out, lego, collaging, decorating cupcakes and lots of other fun things.

4)   Then it is a 4 day weekend. Saturday, Sunday, the end of May bank holiday (moved back a week) and the jubilee bank holiday.

5)   Then it's half term!!!!! :oD Wednesday to Friday off just because there are only a few weeks left to go until the summer. (Shhh all you US teachers with your excessively long holidays!)

6)   The scale has moved a little. I am down another 2 lbs. I am being very good to make sure it sticks. :o)

7)   I have resigned. I haven't got a new job to go to yet but we can only leave at set points in the year and if I don't quit now (well, by tomorrow) I have to stay until Christmas. I am making appointments to visit 3 more schools with vacancies closing after half term. They are all looking for experienced teachers so fingers crossed. If not, I can get supply work but there is still time to find something. Lots of jobs come up after the last resignation date from others who have resigned and they can normally only be filled by new teachers. I am hoping this gives me the added edge.

8)   I bought a strimmer last weekend and cut my grass with it. It was nearly 2 foot tall so it was about time. I also planted my window boxes and did something pretty with my borders.

9)   Now Ali's wedding is over, I need to set myself a new short term goal. I am thinking for Disney in August, but I am not sure what. Any suggestions?

10) For those of you that remember, I have a little crush on a guy who works in my local aquatics shop. We messaged, we exchanged numbers and texted, things went cold and now ... he is coming over on Saturday :oD I may be a little bit excited.


RockBand Barbie said...

I know you said for us US teachers to hush...but tomorrow is my last day and for the next two months my alarm clock will be in the closet!!!

Mari said...

Ooh! Exciting news about the boy! Let us know how it goes. Isn't all the Jubilee stuff crazy - it's everywhere! x

jennxaz said...

nice news about the boy!!! good luck!