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Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Well I fell out with my dietitian today.

She is not pleased with my lack of weight loss (don't get me wrong I am less than thrilled) but she has essentially said that since I am not able to eat breakfast before school and have no time for the sort of lunch she recommends, I am on my own to figure it out.

She also said I am eating far too much carbohydrate and not enough protein or veg. This is where she would me up. The only nutritional input I have had from my clinic has been

  • use a side plate
  • 1/4 protein (I aim for 1/3)
  • 1/3 veg (I aim for 1/2)
  • avoid mushy food
  • avoid high fat food
  • don't drink calories
I have read and stuck to the diet plan sheets they send out with the sorts of foods in each group to eat (not rocket science) and yet she made me feel like I was some sort of bandster idiot for following that advice and that given out by the damned hospital group paperwork. I have a face to face appointment for May half term (which is in June this year because of the jubilee!) and intend to tell her that I didn't get a band to be doing Atkins. I want to eat small portions of a normal diet and loose weight. And I don't want to be made to feel like poo when I don't! Rage!

Still I shall count my calories and my protein everyday and show her my little log book with it all recorded and my exercise and if she's a pain in the bum again ... I will probably cry ... because that's what I do.

In other news, kettle bells is tough on the legs but I burned 408 calories. Not as cardio based as some workouts but definitely good for toning.


Michelle said...

Well this is my fear... I want to eat "normal" just smaller portions...

Getting band next Wednesday.

Momee3021 said...

I have the same plan and non commitment from my clinic and the same end result. Not losing... I wonder why???

Hang in there and Atkins died of Atkins LOL!!!

MandaPanda said...

Most nutritionists are twits and don't know how to eat with the band. There are very few that are "band friendly" even at our sugeons' offices. My nut told me I'd never eat pasta, bread or rice ever again. My surgeons told me that it's all about moderation. If you're looking for meal plans, etc, I would check around these blogs because there's a lot of great ideas and great progress here beyond "eat protein first." There are a lot of bloggers in the same time crunched boat who have managed to be successful with nuts' help. Good luck!

tz said...

How very frustrating...I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't get the answers that you needed.

Ronnie said...

I cry when I get frustrated, too. And I know it's hard not to see the results you want, especially when you know you're doing all the things you should be doing. Maybe logging in a journal would be beneficial, I know it has been for me!

Wilbur Smith said...

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