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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Shopoholic and the lapband

I have a shopping problem. I have heard the first step is admitting it.

My beautiful new ruffles with love workout tops have not made it over from the US yet and I have just ordered

It is beautiful (for a heart rate monitor) and I love the little flowers on the face and strap. It comes in white too but that was flower-less.

Well done, I hear you cry. A heart rate monitor is an excellent purchase and will surely make you rush off to the gym and pool now you will know precisely how many calories you are burning and how hard you are working. It doesn't matter that you haven't been to the gym in over a month because once this arrives and the tops arrive you will go everyday and you will love it more and more because you have the tops and heart rate monitor.

Funnily enough, the little voice in my head says these things too. Only that little voice thinks I need some new trainers next. 


Beth Ann said...

Shoppping is AWESOME!! :) Have fun with the new gadget. And new trainers is never a bad idea. (I'm such an enabler!)

Rachel said...

I LOOOOOVE shopping. It is a problem that I am not willing to give up. ever.

Andrea said...

I have a shopping problem too, but hey if it helps keep me motivated to workout and looking cute in the process I'm all for it!

I have that same HRM in white and I love it!