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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ten things Thursday

Brought to us by the lovely Laura. She has really made me laugh this week.

1)  I had to complain about the receptionist in my gym on Wednesday. My waterworks (aqua aerobics) class was cancelled but they didn't notify me. I was treated like I was crazy for turning up; they tried to tell me that they phoned everyone on the list and then I was fobbed off with a "we left a message on you're home number" which wasn't true. So I complained. The gym manager phoned me today to apologise.

2)  It is Art and Design Technology week at school. I have a week long headache. Teaching creativity is pretty much impossible. It just ends up in one big loud, stress filled mess.

3)  I have a sneaky suspicion I have done my art project wrong. 

4)   My head teacher is away this week on a conference. Only for 3 days but still :o)

5)  I was bought a cupcakes and cocktails day for my birthday which I am going on with my friend H at the end of the month. I am getting quite excited about it now. I was worried about finding someone to go. My friend who bought it for me couldn't, my mum didn't want to, my other friend couldn't get childcare and I have lots of friends who are off cakes/alcohol for lent.

6)  I am not very good at making new friends. I worry that sometimes I am too overly eager and come on a bit strong. I think I am one of those people until you get to know I am much better in tiny doses. That's part of the reason I am so pleased H said she'd like to come. We've been getting on really well for about the last year and she's been a HUGE support recently.

7)  My Tuesday night Italian class ends next week for the term and we normally have an end of term party. I am debating not going because I am getting a fill the night before. Also there is a free boat entry practice thing at my dive club. I think I'd rather go to that than go to a party where I can't eat anything.

8)  I defrosted a salmon fillet and then had beans on toast for tea because I forgot.

9)  I keep fish. I have a 5 foot oak cabinet fish tank in my lounge. It is really beautiful.

10) I have a bit of a crush on one of the guys who works in the local fish shop. He's fun, we have a bit of a laugh but nothing of any consiquence. So the other day he sent me a message on facebook. He was replying to my latest batch of tank photos. I got all excited because I thought it said restaurant ... it was actually praising me for showing restraint in the number of photos. :o( Boo!


Rachel said...

awwww so sad when you misread comments on facebook!! xxx

jennxaz said...

awesome tank!@

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I loved all of this!! It is fun reading all these different things about you!!