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Monday, 2 April 2012

Absentee blogger news, fills, catching up and PB's

Ooooh I am so sorry, I have meant to post so many times and been crazy busy and just utterly rubbish.

I have switched over to the new blogger. I don't like it much but I am sure I will get to grips sooner or later.

To follow on from the end of my previous post, the guy who works in the fish shop has continued with the messages. Seeing a scary movie has been mentioned along with promises of not letting anything bad happen to me. I might be a little bit excited. Watch this space.

I went for a fill a week ago. The nurse practitioner put in 0.3 ml taking me to 7.8 ml in a 10 ml band. The first couple of days were perfect but since yesterday, it's felt a little tight. What happened yesterday? (patience my friend, this blog is in chronological order)

Last week in school was insane. We put on an annual Art and Design Technology exhibition of the children's work from this academic year. They have at least 3 finished pieces each. It is hard work but it always looks incredible. The children and parents all gush over it, the newspaper came and we are very proud but damn it's hard to get ready. I had to go back to school after my fill appointment and didn't leave until 11 pm. We only ever get one night to get the exhibition up and it's a lot to do.

We broke up for Easter on Friday. I am so relieved. 2 weeks for fun, catching up with friends and fitting work around my life rather than attempting to fit my life around work :oD

On Saturday, I went to a cupcake and cocktail class in London with my friend H. (excuse my pained expression, it was the teacher's 7th attempt to take the photo!)

When we arrived we were given 6 cupcakes, some sugarpaste and a cocktail. Yummy.

We were shown how to make different sugarpaste decorations

Then we had to come up with some of our own. We learned different ways of icing the cakes, packaged them up and off we went.

This was my favourite.

Afterwards we went to a bar/restaurant nearby for more cocktails and dinner. I had the steak, frites. It was quite tough for a little bandster like me so I only ate half the steak. I had to spit out 2 little bits of meat because I knew after chewing on them for forever, they were not going to go down. Good job H knows about the band. She seemed to find it funny rather than disgusting. I ate all the chips though and after the rest of my dinner had gone down, I even had desert. We then proceeded to drink a bottle of wine before crawling our way out of the city. It was definately a fun night. I had no adverse band effects. All was well.

So Sunday, I went for lunch with a friend. I knew I was quite tight and put it down to being chilly in the night or the after effects of the alcohol but thought I would be ok. Now I don't know if any other countires do Sunday lunch like the UK (certainly I've never have an English Sunday lunch abroad) but it involves roast meat (beef, lamb, pork, turkey, chicken) roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding (sorry this is indescribable other than yumminess itself) stuffing balls and lots of veggies all topped with lashings of gravy. The friend I met for lunch, is meant to be on a super diet in prep for her wedding in May but she decided to have a free day and decided we HAD to have roast dinners. I was up for that, after all less than 24 hours ago I had great success with steak how hard can a roast dinner with gravy be compared to that? Please tell me you're all rolling your eyes, because not so hungover me is. So my friend goes and orders. The food arrives. It is tasty, succulent and everything I expected. It is also enough to overfeed 3 bandsters. (3 pieces of meat, 3 roasties, a large yorkshire, mixed green veg, carrots, parsnips, you get the idea). I did not follow good band eating practices. I practically shovelled the food down my throught. But I did not get stuck however 2 pieces of meat, 2 potatoes, 1/2 a yorkshire and quite a lot of green veg later I think ... oops. I excused myself to the toilets, slimed a little, decided I would be ok, opened the door and just as I was about to head back out, I coughed. Out of my mouth flew the most massage ball of my chewed up food ever. Thank heaven I was stood on my own right next to the toilet. It was so gross but funny because I did only cough, once and I had no warning. I went back, waited a few minutes and had some more of my drink. Nothing. I left the rest of my food, cursing myself for eating too much, too fast, not listening for my soft stop. Next time I will be better.

Today I have been even tighter. Not having eaten much yesterday, I made eggs on toast for lunch. Halfway through I got stuck and up it all came. I left it an hour and had a bowl of instant mashed potato. Not very nutricious but I was hungry and I figured I was swollen from yesterday. I can see how over tight people end up on the slider food path. I made fish pie with a toast crust for me tea tonight. It was yummy. The fish was in sauce but it did have a toast crust. I ate the whole lot. I had to cut the toast into tiny tiny pieces and put lots of sauce on each. I am going to have another day or 2 of mushies with added crunch to try to get the swelling to go down and then I'll see how I am getting on. I was fine before Sunday so am sure it is just post PB swelling. I was just starting to think I had gotten to just my right level.


Beth Ann said...

The cupcakes are adorable!

FitBy40 said...

Good plan. I had a similar experience but kept trying and trying to eat and the swelling just kept getting worse until the point where I couldn't even drink a smoothie! I had to go in for a major unfill.
You're smart to take it easy.

MandaPanda said...

I'd lose the bread and toast until you're back to a good place. Those can just aggravate a band that's already acting wonky. :)

Morgan said...

I love your fishy cupcake!