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Sunday, 18 March 2012

I'm going on a jolly holiday ... or 2!

Well as planned, Mother's Day has been lovely. I went over to see my mum with a card and her present (tickets to the Harry Potter Studios Tour at Leavesden) She was thrilled. We are big HP fans and the studios are not that far from her work.

Then despite my Dad being a grumpy, miserable git, went ahead and booked our 2 week Disney extravaganza. My mum and I have the best time together away from my Dad so I am really overjoyed, she wanted to do this with me again. I am not looking at it as a last time thing because it may be we can get away again in 2013 if she is up to it but this is a making magical memories trip. We had a bit of a wobble about the Disney Dining Plan though. We've had it twice before and found it to be incredibly good value but this time we weren't so sure. I obviously can't eat so much now and Mum just doesn't (she's an annoying skinny Minnie!) so we worked out that we would probably break even either way and not having it would give us more freedom to eat appetizers rather than mains, leave desserts rather than have them because they're included, share meals if we want the same thing or just have snack lunches of fruit (or more likely ice cream). 

I also had a lovely surprise myself. One of my diving buddies has suggested we make a long weekend out of our Easter diving jaunt so a few of us are getting a house from Friday to Monday.

It's a real bargain too £65 each for the whole weekend. (I think that's about $100) It'll be lovely to get away a chill out with some friends especially as they all know about my band (being diving friends, I thought they should). There are some lovely beaches, the jurassic coast (fossil hunting on the beach), castles and interesting coastline walks. Of course we may end up doing some extra diving but I wouldn't object ot that either! I'm really excited and I only have a few weeks to wait.


Banded With Favor said...

What fun trips you have planned...Love Walt Disney World so very magical!!! And your diving trip sounds exciting too!!! Enjoy yourself!!;)

Anonymous said...

Love that last picture. What/where was it taken?

Momee3021 said...

Im sooooo jealous - Im a total HP fan too. I hope you have the best time there and in Disney with your mum. Its really special to get away with them. Thanks for answering the question about diving - I have not been since 1999 and would love to once Im at a healthy weight.

Have fun on all you holidays. Maybe you can make it to BOOBS too???

jennxaz said...

sounds like a fun time!

Ronnie said...

Oh my gosh, that mini-vaca sounds amazing!

And I don't blame you for wanting to choose your own food plans, especially with the band... you just won't eat as much as possible. Maybe if you could purchase just for one and then you two share that'd be something. But I suspect that wouldn't go over well. ;)

MandaPanda said...

These trips sound so fun!