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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Brought to us by the always amusing Laura. Here are my 10 things of today.

1. Today I took my class on a school trip to Hatfield House (childhood home of Queen Elizabeth I). It was good fun. They all enjoyed it.

2. I also fell over and got grass staines on my jeans. :o( I didn't hurt myself (which was just as well since we were on a walk around the grounds) but the kids thought it was funny.

3. I ate a whole egg sandwich when I got home. My eating has been creeping up slowly.

4. I have scheduled a fill for Monday 26th. I need some more restriction.

5. I have started reading my Lap-Band Solution book again

 It helps me remember reasons for rules and best practise. Hopefully it will make me a better bandster.

6. Mother's Day is on Sunday. I have a little present for her (which she'll love) and I am going over to see her for the day.

7. Hopefully we are going to book a summer holiday together to

We are Disney junkies.

8. I found a cancellation for the character breakfast at Cinderella's castle and booked it!!! :oD I am not allowed to tell anyone because my Dad might find out and we haven't booked the holiday yet. He'll be REALLY cross and accuse us of plotting against him to bring about the end of the world or something.

9. I am really bad at keeping secrets. Quite a few people know about my Cinderella breakfast booking. :oD Oh well.

10. Ever since my underwater photography course I have been obsessing over buying a red filter for my camera to make the pictures better. It counter balances the blue to give more natural tones without having to fiddle about in photoshop. It's not very expensive, I am just not sure I can justify that expense at the moment :o(


FitBy40 said...

ahhh, we just did Disney for the first time with our kids in September, and I'm sure we'll be back. It's magical, isn't it?

Cat said...

Hope you were ok after the tumble in the grass.

I like Disney! Have a blast!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Oh I bet the character breakast will be awesome! Underwater photography? That sounds so cool!!

Ronnie said...

I haven't been to Disney since I was a child. I hope you all have a blast!

Happy Mother's Day to your mama!