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Monday, 5 March 2012

Make a list Monday

This week’s edition of Make a List Monday (brought to us by the very lovely Robyn) will focus on things you are most grateful for.  Please feel free to post your Top Ten on your blog. 
  1. My wonderful amazing Mummy. She is the best Mum in the whole world.
  2. My fabulous grandparents. They taught me so much and made difficult times so much better. I still benefit from their love and hard work and will for many many years to come.
  3. My true friends. I have realised of late that I have many special friends who genuinely care about me and my family. They will support me through difficult times.
  4. A job which I love. Many people are jobless, many people work more than one job to make ends meet. I have one, it pays the bills and I don't hate it (except when we have to write the reports). 
  5. That reports are nearly finished for another year. Whoop whoop!
  6. For my home. It is beautiful, lovely, cosy, comfortable and safe. In my eyes anyway.
  7. That the UK doesn't suffer from extreme weather. Yes it can be drizzly and damp and chilly. It doesn't downpour like the tropics, it doesn't get so cold you actually can't go out, there are no hurricanes, cyclones, terrible droughts or heatwaves so intense you cannot wear clothes. There is the odd flash flood, but it's very very rare.
  8. That I am losing weight gradually.
  9. The travel oppotunities that I have had. I love to travel and have been many incredible places. If I never go again, I would be devastated but I know that the places I have seen from California to Sierra Leone and from Isreal to Rome, I am unimaginably lucky.
  10. My cat. She makes my heart sing even when she is clawing up the carpet.


jennxaz said...

Great List...I love my mom to pieces!

Cat said...

Great list! I didn't include my animals, but I adore them too! I have two kitties and a dog!

Anonymous said...

Love your list!!

MandaPanda said...

I love your list! I think you're so lucky that you've been able to travel the way you have. I haven't been anywhere...but I know I'll see the world someday.