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Friday, 9 March 2012


1.  When you're sick - what comforts you?

I don't take much comfort in anything except lots of paracetamol and sleep. Different things prompt different food cravings but the sleep and paracetamol get me through.

2.  How attached to your cell phone are you?

Fairly. I don't cope well with change so whilst I can have a complete meltdown at the idea of changing my phone, I don't if I leave it at home by mistake. I work on the principle that the world worked before I had a mobile and it still will if all the networks die. There are other phones, other means of communication and if someone really wants me, they'll track me down.
3.  What brand, color and kind of sneaker do you own to work out in?  Why?  Do you get a custom fit or just pick one off the shelf?
I have red sketchers with elastic rather than laces. I also have two pairs of sketchers shape ups (from a New York trip in October 2010) 
One is black and sparkly, one is grey and pink. I wear them to go walking in and by God they work your bum a lot more than regular shoes or trainers. Generally I hate wearing trainers because I don't think they are very sexy shoes but I love how I feel I've worked out when I've just gone on a marathon shopping trip.
4.  Do you ever wish you'd picked a different name for your blog and why?

I've not been blogging long enough to have that wish yet. I thought you could change the title on the bog just not the address.

5.  Repeat question.  Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

Real life
Reports are over. I can start to catch up with the rest of my work. Fingers crossed. 
Still sinking in that my Mum's cancer is only in her lungs and she can lead a 'normal' life for a couple of years.
I have been back to the gym but need to try harder with this, and my calorie intake, next week.
I also got some very sexy new SCUBA fins. They've been on back order since December.

Blog land
I have been a better blogger. I have read and commented because (with the reports over) I have more time. 
I have posted more. I have had some lovely supportive comments and am constantly reminded how lucky I am to have found this wonderful community.

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Ronnie said...

how do you like those shape ups? I was thinking about buying myself some, but haven't really heard any reviews from people I know can be counted on for an unbiased opinion. :)