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Sunday, 11 March 2012

A scuba diving bandster!!!

The 'kelp forest'

The 'leaf crab'

A self portrait

Well I now know how to take photographs underwater with my fancy technological camera. It's not all that easy but I got the hang of it for the most part. My band didn't feel any different but the pool is only 3 metres deep. Still it's good to know so far so good. The diving doctor gods had said the only problems would be due to air in the band or PB's. It was so funny how the explained about PB's, like they were telling someone who had no idea what they would be talking about. "There is a particular side effect charmingly referred to as “PB’ing” – Productive Burping – which can result in regurgitation of food from the upper pouch. Similarly, reflux of acid stomach contents can be a problem, especially if they come up into the mouth – a misplaced retch or cough could lead to a dropped regulator and inhalation of water." I took this to mean that I should make sure whatever I eat before the dive has properly gone down and that I am not too tight to cause reflux. If this means on longer dive trips, I take soup, that works for me.
On Easter Monday a bunch of us are off to Swanage on the South Coast for the day. Hopefully the temperature will be up to 8 or 9 C. Very cold. I can't wait to have lost the weight and buy a dry suit. I'll be toasty warm then. :o) It's 4 m under the pier and then there will be a deeper dive from a boat. Lots of picture practice and a bit more of post band test.
In other news, I have dropped a jacket size and was overweighted since being banded. Really pleased, especially as the scale hasn't moved for 2 weeks. :o) Whoop whoop!


FitBy40 said...

Yay! So glad it worked out.

Andrea said...

Never thought about being able to scuba dive with the lap band. Glad it's going well so far!

Ronnie said...

Awesome! So glad your first post-banding experience went well. I doubt you'll have any problems. :)

Catherine55 said...

So glad you posted this! I am planning to dive this weekend for the first time since I've been banded and wasn't sure what to expect!

Catherine55 said...
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