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Sunday, 12 February 2012

I have been slacking

I can't believe today is the 12th and I haven't blogged at all in February! I have been soooooo busy at work. The doughnuts were a success. The 3 rounds of trials I made tasted nothing like doughnuts and for the most part they looked nothing like doughnuts but they tasted nice and they were healthy-ish. I will never make a cookery teacher. The children had a great time making them and the display looks pretty with all the photos of them mixing and measuring away. I was convinced the US cup system was going to be easier for them to work than weighing out the flour but it totally confused them. (Bless) Fill this cup up to the top with flour, milk etc produced more questions about "Miss, miss, is this enough?" than put flour in the bowl until it says 200 g normally does. I do like working with children, but I do not understand them.

This last week, we have had snow. Not a lot by the standards of most places that get snow but for the week or so a year we get it, it creates a bit of a panic. All the idiots who can't cope with driving in it, do; all the people with no sense, do; all the people with cars they can't drive properly, do; all the people who don't look after their cars and have roadworthy tyres, do; and they country falls to bits. I had to leave 45 minutes earlier to get to work for the same time and then (because we live in an idiotic place where wet socks are the end of the world as we know it) the children have to stay inside, be miserable and are in awful moods because they want to go out to play.

Next week is half term. One week of no school halfway through the term. I have reports to write so I shall be spending most of the week (and some time every day) working on them. They take forever and there is no time to do them during term time so I do appreciate having a week to get up, stay in my pyjamas and curl up on the sofa with the laptop and plod away. Last year laptop and I went to the pub to do some. It's no fun but it is productive.

Weight loss wise, I have also been a bit slack. I have had the worst PMT cravings. I know that I am eating less but I don't feel as though I am. I haven't made good food choices and I haven't been to gym at all. I have eaten quickly, got stuck, been sick and just generally not worked my band. When I do eatr slowly, I can eat for a good 30 minutes and finish a whole side plate full of food. The numbers are decreasing slowly but I need more restriction. I am going for a fill on Tuesday, not a big one, just a little bit of an oomph. I have also decided that during this week, I am going to go to the gym every day and blog every day. It will give me a bit of a break from the reports and hopefully kick start some better habits for the rest of February and March. It might also kick me out of my little depressive slump that I have been in of late.

In other news, my Mummy has seen her new oncologist who has put her on a hormone treatment and are sending her for a bone scan. Now don't get me wrong, the NHS is amazing and an institution Britain should be very very proud of, but I am not a patient person. I cannot stand the waiting. It took 2 weeks to get referred from her lung specialist to the breast cancer specialist and now we have to wait for a referal to a bone scan and then wait for the results. However we are hoping that we can find a way to go back to Disney together in the summer. I am hopeful. My luck has to turn sometime. xx


Andrea said...

Good job on being accountable and coming up with a plan to get back on track!

Ronnie said...

Hope your fill yesterday went well! I'm glad all the kiddos had fun baking. :)