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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Going visiting

I am off to the gym in a bit and then I am going to visit a friend in Surrey and her beautiful little girl. Out of all my friends, she is the one who I have known for longest. I haven't told her about my band, even though I have seen her twice since. I will probably tell her one day but it hasn't really arisen yet. The last couple of times I have worried that it will be awkward because she (and her husband) introduced me and Ed at their wedding. (We were sat together, became friends, had a brief fling, lost touch, became friends, love blossomed  blah blah blah ...) I hate the idea that they are being put in the middle or feel torn in any way. Her husband and Ed are really good friends and bike buddies but my friend, as much as she loves Ed, knows he has been a complete ******. Only time will tell.

Hopefully I will make it back round the M25 (read giant London ring road of hell) in time to go to dive club tonight. My diving friends have been so supportive, I would love to see them.


Sarah said...

I hope you have a nice visit!!


Ronnie said...

Hope spending time with your good friend was great! I say why tell anyone until you're completely comfortable? And if never, then no worries!

Also, hope you got to see your diving friends, too. :)