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Monday, 13 February 2012

So today wasn't my lucky day.

Yesterday evening, I spent 4 hours turning the house upside down searching for the paper part of my driving license. Here in the UK, we have a 2 part driver license (photocard and paper counterpart with extra information on) which we don't have to carry with us. I needed to show it as I was taking my car to be serviced and getting a courtesy car. Normally I keep it safely organised away but in the lounge decoration project (that was done in a pre band hurry) it has been mislaid. I finally found it at half 11.

My cleaner was due first thing this morning and since I had to take the car in, I got up early to tidy up after last nights escapedes. I did it. I left a note. I frantically searched for the right money to leave. I left the house. The text arrived. She can't come today. It can't be helped but it grated.

I took the car. I came home. I forgot to go to town and pay the cheques into the bank. I started doing some of my jobs. I didn't get far. The garage phoned. The car needs a new head gasket and the clutch is slipping and needs fixing/replacing or something. Total price £1430! Not including the service. I haggled, I whined, I asked how necessary it all was etc. They said best price they could do, if I have it all done at once is £1450 including the service. I phoned my Dad. I did down the phone eyelash batting. I listened to the lecture on how I need to take better care of my car and how garages try to rip everybody off. Long and short, I have put it on his credit card and "we'll sort it out later." I am living in hope that means he will pay for it or at least let me pay it off at a rate I can afford.

I have spent the rest of the afternoon procrastinating and now I have to go to the gym in the Monday night madness. I haven't got much work done but c'est la vie. I shall do some more when I get back form the gym.


MandaPanda said...

I HATE car issues!!! We've been dealing with much of the same...I'm not sure how the conversion works out but we're looking at $3000 american dollars to get us to a good place. Ick!

Sam said...

I dread car bills, even though I take good care of the car, every time it goes in, I have this fear that a bill like that will come back! Glad to hear your dad was able to help you out :o)

Andrea said...

Car problems suck! Sorry you're having a bad day!

Ronnie said...

Mechanics try to take advantage of women, and I absolutely HATE it. Who really knows if those things REALLY need fixing? Sigh.

We're so lucky to have good daddies who take care of us.