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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Little Miss Smug

So yes, I got up and went to the gym. I did all my cardio work but left the weights because by the time I got there, I was running late and had to make up some time.

I came home showered, took Mum to the hospital for appointment one. We were 5 minutes late. When we got there, we had to wait 20 minutes. No she had not missed her appointment, the radiographers were talking in the prep room and nobody else was there! We went into town to do some jobs and then I bought my radioactive mother back to the house on strict indtructions she was not to stroke my cat. We had lunch. I had 2 regular sized spoons of mashed potato and some baked beans. I didn't finish and had to eat only 2 beans at a time. I am defiantely tighter.

Then we went back at 1.30 for appointment two. We waited 25 minutes. Mum went in and I stayed outside. The water fountain wasn't working but I was a dutiful daughter and read my book until she came out an hour later. Then we went to pick up my car. It drives funny now. The clutch is really low down and sensitive. I know I just need to get used to it now it's changed but I hate when things cost huge amounts of money and then you have to get used to them. I stalled 3 times on the drive home. It was REALLY embarrassing.


MandaPanda said...

Glad you got through all your errands...Hopefully you get used to the clutch quickly. Stalling sucks.

Ronnie said...

Hope the clutch isn't giving you anymore problems! (Sorry for the late comment.)

And you're a great daughter, being there for your mama. :)