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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Unlucky for some ...

So this week has been really hard. I have been battling a lot of emotions about leaving my job, not having another one and since my job share has returned from her maternity leave this week, my salary will be down 40% from now! Tough times. I had made it clear to the deputy head (my friend who stays with me during the week) that I didn't want a leaving do. I don't like being made a fuss of and since I have a lot of mixed emotions and not a lot to celebrate about leaving (apart from escaping the crazy head teacher) I told her I would rather just leave. The sign up sheet went up on Tuesday. I was told in the middle of the staff room (when throwing a tantrum and restating my reasons for not wanting one wasn't really an option) that it had been arranged and that I didn't have to stay all night or have dinner but I'm getting one. I sulked. I came home and got upset. When my friend came home, I asked if I hallucinated the conversation about no leaving do and she said everyone else had told her I had to have one but I could think of it as an end of term thing. She offered to cancel it but I thought that would look really tantrumy. I haven't signed up to say I am going though. ;o)

Then on Wednesday I found out that one of my close friends and her husband have had to terminate their pregnancy as their son was terribly ill with no chance of survival. My heart is breaking for them. This news has completely floored me and I cannot even begin to comprehend their pain. There are no words of comfort for them. They are in all my prayers, for now and the foreseeable future. They are good people. They are strong and they will survive but for now please pray for them.

However the weigh in week has ended on a high. After struggling since Monday to get my number back under control, today I was rewarded with a new number :o) and I am especially excited about this one ... so Mari, Justine and unidentified person from York, I give you ... the thirteens!!!! Whoop whoop!!!

In stones

And in pounds

For some reason the scale/camera couldn't get it on in kilos this morning but it was an even 89.0

With 4 weeks to go until Disney, I am unsure whether I shall make my target but I am determined to be at least in the 180's even if I have to liquid diet it for a week!


Mari said...

Awesome to be in the 13s - I'm full speed ahead behind you, I will get into the 13s, I will! Sorry to hear about stressy situation at work, just try and get the best out of the leaving do as you can. love x

20 to go! said...

I hate functions too and regularly take a little break from them ; p Great job getting into the 13s! That is awesome news!

Amy said...

sorry to hear about the work drama. I'll keep your friend and her hubs in my prayers. So sad :(

Mari said...

Hi lovely, I didn't get your email?! Don't know why - my email address is rumple_x@hotmail.com - is that where you sent it? x

Ronnie said...

I don't think it's tantrum-y at all to not want to have a party for your going away, that's just strange anyway, to me. It's not like it's the last time you'll see the real friends you made there... and the rest of them? Who cares? lol

Great new low. I'm sorry it had to come on the tail-end of your friends devastating news. I'll pray for them and their situation. <3

Sam said...

Congrats on the weigh in, I am sorry your work mates couldn't listen to your needs for no farewell do, and I am really sorry to hear about your friends. That must be so hard for them!

Momee3021 said...

Sooooo Wonderful!!!! I'm proud of your scale accomplishment!!! Don't worry about the do- really- just show up and then slip out without any warning. Then you participated and it's over fast. I just can't understand why grown people would go against your wishes?
As for your friends loss please act 'normal' around them. I used to be a doula and the worst thing is to act different when this happens. Be there if they want to vent and if you're the normal on they will vent about all the weird attention that they're getting from their friends which makes them feel worse.
Good luck at finding another job soon. Take care!!!

MandaPanda said...

Wahoo! Fantastic progress!

So sorry about your friends. Sent a quick prayer up for them.