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Monday, 23 July 2012

A new beginning ...

Forgive me fellow bloggers, for I have been rubbish. Real world rubbish took over and I have barely had 2 seconds ... and then when I did, I wallowed in self pity.

My leaving do from work went well. I went to the venue early (4 pm) had a drink and was on my second by the time others started to arrive at 5 pm. My friend I went early with had to go at half 5 and I left about 15 - 20 minutes after she did. Thankfully the head had not arrived by then and I was just handed a nice little present and some cards. I cried a little but mostly kept it under control. I was gracious and polite but snuck off into the sunset like I wanted.

Thursday I had dinner out at Nandos with my friend Janet. She is the deputy head and for the last 4 years has stayed with me during the week. She is SUCH a good friend that I am really sad she has found a new home which is a commutable distance from work even though I am genuinely happy for her at the same time. I don't know if Nandos is as big in the US but basically it's a grilled chicken restaurant. It comes alone, in burger, pittas, wraps, with or without sides, with or without a variety of marinades. It is a great bandster meal. I had a 1/4 chicken (in mango and lime marinade) with coleslaw and a few fries. Twas seriously yummy.

Friday I worked out, had a protein shake, was busy all day (getting a match test in London - see tomorrow's blog) got chips for tea from the fish and chip shop and then, after 3 bites, proceeded to get the most stuck EVER!!! After 2 hours of being sick and laying on the bathroom floor, I knew I was going to have to be liquids only for a while. I made some soup about 9 pm. That came back with half a bucket of slime to boot.

Saturday was my birthday. I stayed in my house, in my pjs and wallowed in the misery of being 31, single, childless with a terminally ill mummy. I don't get desolate very often but I knew I would and had made arrangements to stay away from the world. I had bought a cinnamon swirl while I was in London specially to have for breakfast. Can you guess what happened next? Yes even more stuckness and crying on the bathroom floor. I walked to the supermarket (no credit here, it's a 5 minute walk) and bought myself a birthday cake. That went down just fine. Yes bad Sarah ... but it was my birthday!!!

Sunday, I spent sorting to, or beginning to sort, all the stuff I brought home from school when I left. I acquired an awful lot of stuff in the past 7 years. I also started organising the Pampered Chef stuff for my first party next week. Eeek so exciting but scary all at the same time.

Today I have caught up on blogs, emails and personal errands. It took a while and I didn't comment nearly as much as I should but the summer is here and for the next 6 weeks, I am going to be a bandster queen. With the possible exception of my Disney holiday because that is going to be HARD!!!

Tomorrow I am going to see my dietician and then I am back off to London. Look out for tomorrow's blog to find out what I've been up to.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, I'm sorry honey. If it helps, I am married, I have 3 kids (dog, cats, blah blah blah my interminably too long blog post title) and I wallow too. I sometimes wish I were you - single with no attachments. Grass is greener syndrome. Probably does not help though, I know. My bestie in H.S. was single until recently, and we would TRY to live our fantasies through each other, as best we could!! But I send you hugs from across the sea. I wonder if I can ever get my (swear word swear word swear word) lap band approved by insurance, and lose weight, will it make me feel happier? We have to sort out the other stuff too, huh? Good days and bad. Anyway, please feel free to blog on happy days, AND sad ones, I will read either kind, and I will try to make myself write both, because I know I also find it hard to write if I feel sad. I feel sad today too. I think we gain weight for more reasons than "food tastes good" and losing weight is dealing with more than "stop eating yummy food". Happy birthday beautiful lady. Look forward to reading more tomorrow.

Michelle said...

Happy birthday. Your stuckisodes are off the hook.

Made that word up just for you. It is a stuck that lasts longer than 10 min is automatically stuckisodes

trishajo said...

i've done a lot of wallowing lately, too, due to being 30 and single and I also have a very sick mother...

hang in there girl.. blog it out - we are all here for you!

sorry on the stuck stuff... man I don't miss that :(

adorkbl said...

Happy Birthday... sorry for all your stuck episodes... hope they are done for awhile. Hang in there.

Ronnie said...

I'm 25... with TWO kids, and no husband. I wallow at every opportunity, girlfriend. Wallow away whenever you want, I say.

And getting stuck on fries is the absolute WORST. It almost always happens to me. UGH. That's why I gave 'em up, cuz they always treat me bad. Jerks.

Hope your Pampered Chef party goes well... I keep hearing good things, but I've never actually been to a party or even seen any of the products before. Will have to check out the website!

FitBy40 said...

I didn't get married until I was 34, so there's hope yet! Does that help?
Happy birthday to you :-)