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Sunday, 29 July 2012

London 2012

I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am and how proud I am to be British right now. Every single place I go is brimming with excitement, suspense and hope.

Did you watch the opening ceremony? I know it may not have meant a lot to people from other countries but I hope they could appreciate the show nevertheless. I loved it and cried actual floods of tears.

The forging of the rings - a tribute to the steel industry.

I think it celebrated some of the many things that makes Britain great (see what I did there ...)

The NHS - it may not be perfect but it is the best healthcare service in the world.

The child catcher - a tribute to British children's literature.

Her Majesty the Queen and James Bond
Passing the torch to the athletes of the future
The lighting of the Olympic Cauldron

Team GB has already had some disappointments and some real achievements. I have been a gymnastics fan for as long as I can remember. I watch the nationals every year and all the televised other competitions I can. Sadly that isn't many.

Louis Smith on the Pommel Horse
Beth Tweddle on Asymmetric bars
There are many other exciting events to come too over the next few days, including

Rebecca Adlington - 2 gold medals in Beijing
Tom Daley - World Champion 2012 diver
Tomorrow, I am getting up at silly o'clock. Picking up my friend Louise and driving round the M25 (which will hopefully not be in car park mode) to Windsor. From there, we will catch the shuttle bus to Eton Dorney, home of the Rowing events. I am too excited to describe. Rowing is a major sport for us Brits where we have won many a medal in the past. We aren't going to see a medal event but Team GB will be featuring in the heats and a few of the repechages.

Mens Coxless Fours
Are you enjoying them as much as I am?


Mari said...

All the rowers are staying on campus at my uni which is just near Windsor! Have a lovely time! x

FitBy40 said...

Are you following Beth at Beth Anne's Never Ending Quest...?
She's there now for the games, wondering if you're going to meet up!

trishajo said...

Very cool!!

Vanessa said...

I am loving the olympics!!!

jennxaz said...

I am loving the olympics too

speck said...

My mom is from England so I'm all about the Olympics this year!

Ronnie said...

Loving the home-country pride going on here! :)

MandaPanda said...

Totally digging the Olympics...but staying up much too late watching them! :)

Sarah said...

I am LOVING the Olympics! And being American, the opening ceremony was just as special & beautiful. Enjoy the rest of them! :)

P.S. I'm a new follower!