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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Something marvellous!

I discovered something wonderful:

 on the dashboard of the new look blogger interface thing,

there is a cog like button on the top right side

click it and some options appear

one is ....

Old interface!!!

Yes, my friends, the old blogger has returned to my life. I may be forced to change again in the future but for now, I can work out what I want to do more easily. I am a happy bunny.

I have also forced down some liquid cold medicine. I hate them. They all taste of menthol but not in a nice minty way. And whoever thought that menthol and blackcurrant was a good combination was seriously deluded. Nevermind it is over now and hopefully it will give the poor sinuses a break. 

I went to a children's party for my friends little girl this morning. It was lovely and at lunchtime I managed 3 little triangle sandwiches, 2 mini sausages, 3 crisps, a small shortbread biscuit and a small cupcake. That seems like good bandster portion control to me. Also everyone kept saying how great I looked. Don't know whether they're all judgement affected from the latest baby boom (so I just look much skinnier next to all the new mums) or not and it is starting to pay off. Still it was great to hear.


RockBand Barbie said...

Thank, thank you, thank you for telling us about the old interface option...that new one was driving me crazy!!

jennxaz said...

thanks about the old interface option...I hate the new one too!