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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Pampered chef parties and ruffles with love

My pampered chef party was a HUGE success but I am definately feeling the after effects today. I have been off the alcohol for so long that 3 glasses was probably a little too much. Now I am deeply in love with mango salsa and have been picking all day at left over bits and nibbles. Good job it was virtually all healthy stuff. Hopefully I will be able to get lots of the bits I want with a big discount.

I am also placing an order for lots of shirts from Ruffles with love which I discovered through Lap Band Gal.

I am majorly excited as Vanessa can customise everything and is even going to make me my very own diving hoodie! Watch this space for photos. Hopefully this will give me a bit more incentive to get my backside into the gym. xx

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