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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ten things Thursday

It's my best blogging day!!!!! Created by the super scary shooter Laura

1. It is half past 10, I have 3 batches of marking to finish and I am writing in my blog instead :o/ Oh well!

2. I am going to be spending a small fortune on my pampered chef discounted goodies. Not that I have a small fortune to be spending. :o/ Oh well!

3. I am sending back the 2 new sports bras I just bought because they're too big. :o)

4.  The package to go back is being held together with an elastic band, because I haven't got any parcel tape. My cat has obviously never seen a taught elastic band before as she's strumming away like she's playing a guitar. I cannot put into words how funny this is.

5. I have lost a wooden spoon. I had 3 from the last pampered chef party I went to and now I have one. My friend, the rep, packed one accidentally with her stuff but I cannot find the other one anywhere.

6. Haven't heard back form that job yet. :o( Tomorrow is my last day of hoping and then I am on to the two schools I went to look around on Tuesday. One was really nice. The other one had a lovely head and is well resourced but has other 'issues' that are making me a little unsure.

7. One of my fish seems to have a slight twist to her spine. She can't swim properly. It looks awkward, like when some disabled kids try running.  I can only hope she isn't in pain. She eats OK so I think she's alright.

8. We have an expression over here about April showers. Don't know if you get it anywhere else (I now have plip, plip, plop little April shower from some Disney movie in my head, so I am guessing yes)  but yesterday brought a whole new meaning to it. Some parts of the UK had 2 MONTHS worth of rain in 24 hours. It tipped it down all day. The children were cooped up inside and CRAZY!!!! and drove their normally very calm, patient and relaxed teacher around the twist. We also didn't need to go out to water the potatoes.It has been pretty miserable all week and today hasn't been great but yesterday was unimaginable.

9. I am off to Brighton on a hen do tomorrow. Lots of drinking, silliness and an assault course. An outside in the rain and mud, assault course. I have had to pay money, to slip, slide, roll around in the mud and presumably ruin a pair of tracksuit bottoms, top and my OLD sports bra. The new ones had better arrive soon because I am back at the gym with a vengeance next week!

10. It is now gone 11 and I still have to do that marking. oops.


o.c. bandster said...

sounds like a crazy week...cooped up too much with those kiddos.

have a good weekend.

RockBand Barbie said...

We say April showers bring May flowers over here too. Unfortunately, April is the also tornado season here. Wishing you luck on your job search!!

MandaPanda said...

Hen do? Sounds like a women's obstacle run? No? Sounds fun either way! :)