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Thursday, 19 April 2012

This one time at dive club ...

I was the oldest student at dive club tonight. Everyone who I thought was near my age was at least 5 years younger. Never mind, it was still a good laugh and I wound one of the instructors up so much saying I was blonde she called me a bitch. I don't like her very much (nor do most of my dive club friends) and I don't think that she meant it in a nasty way. She's just really thoughtless. I enjoy winding her up though. She bangs on about women in management and how there is a glass ceiling making everything more difficult for women (I mean, hello, the percentage of male primary heads and deputies shows how true that is) but it is not compounded by me saying I am blonde when I do stupid things.

Never mind. Two posts in one day AND I am going to bed before midnight! Whoop Whoop! xx

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