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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Half term craziness

How is it that the half term week off becomes an insane week of trying to do every job under the sun?

I had coffee with a friend this morning and a lovely little snack lunch with friends after. Just as I got home and was getting ready to go to the gym, I got a frantic phone call from another friend who was stuck with her husband and 3 year old in a town 10 miles from me (25 miles from her house) with no way of getting home. They had been there for over an hour and it had taken them 2 hours to get there from London (should have taken 30 minutes). I boldly went to her rescue. I've not been to rescue somebody in quite a while. It was really exciting but by the time I got home again, I had lost all will for the gym.

How do you keep the will, when you could just give up?


Cheri said...

Do you enjoy the gym? Is there some other way you could be active, that would make you happy, and not feel like a chore? I find it easiest to be motivated if I look forward to the activity, either because it is fun, relaxing (like yoga) or because of the social aspect. I do well if I'm committed to a class people expect to see me at.

Banded Strong said...

The doctor did say to find activities I enjoy doing. Mainly because then I will actually do them. But I understand after a long day how sitting would be so much easier. And 90% of the time I would much rather prefer to do that. But I hate the way I look in the mirrow more then I enjoy sitting on my butt. And sitting on my butt is the way I got like this to begin with. I guess my motivation would be a better me in the mirror. I know I can't stop because if I do I will really stop.

BandedIceGirl said...

I struggle with this as well. I have not yet found my perfect exercise. So my motivation is not all that great. How long is this half term?

twenty kilos to go said...

You little knight in shining armour! Lol! What a sweety you are.

jennxaz said...

what a sweet thing you did! What motivates me...a new toy(new cd, new fitbit, new workout gear) I love new gadgets and toys and clothes and that motivates me workout when I get something new!