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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Wonderful weekend

I've had a wonderful weekend staying with my friend in Hunstanton. I forgot my camera (so that's not my picture) but we had a great time. To be fair, we spent most of it doing school stuff (as she works at my school during the week and lives by the sea at weekends) and with her feeding me lots. She knows about my band but it wasn't a deliberate here eat this, she just didn't know how much to give me. I ate slowly, chewed lots and didn't get stuck.

Jessica posted on Friday asking how you know when you're full. I don't know whether this put it in the back of my mind, or I wasn't watching TV/reading/on laptop or I was concentrating more on what I was doing so it was easier to spot, but I hiccough. One single hiccough says I've had enough thankyou. I feel I could possibly push another bite or maybe 2 but it's a clear, you're done signal. I'm really chuffed with it.

I also didn't drink enough water so now I have cramp. :o(  Bodies do not like change do they! I am on my third pint of water since I've been home to try and flush my kidneys out a bit.


Lucy said...

It looks so beautiful there. I love the ocean it is my happy place. I hope the coming week is a large improvement from last with lots of goods news and happy moments. I'm thinking of you.

Ronnie said...

Great job getting your water in that day. I try to get about 72 oz per day, keeps me feeling human... nothing else does the trick!

Glad you had a great weekend. :)