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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I can't eat vegetables and other dilemmas

So I had a fill on Saturday. After my massive unfill post Mexico it was much needed. My actual statement to my nurse was "I can eat a cow in 10 minutes!" And it was true. I could. 0.5 ml later I can't. Now I can only eat very very slowly. But after nearly 2 months of guzzling down anything and everything in sight, I have forgotten how to chew to within an inch of my life. Meat is mostly fine. I ate a chicken breast for lunch with BBQ sauce. No problem. Last nights mince with chopped onion, red pepper and courgettes different story.  Chicken tonight with cheese and coleslaw - all reappeared. I am convinced the vegetables are to blame. Just meat and it goes down but add to it and DOOM!!! I am not too tight. I think it's in a really good spot but I must remember to chew chew chew. Guess habits are easier to loose than we realise. 

In target progress news 

1) loose at least 4 lbs from my weight tomorrow morning - 1 so far (not great really)
2) go to the gym, pool or exercise classes on at least 3 occasions - nope
3) enjoy at least 3 outdoor physical activities - I've bought a horse riding groupon. Does that count?m
4) blog at least 10 times. (I know that short and often is a good thing.) - well I'm getting closer
5) read at least one book. - not started
6) log my calories every day for at least 5 days on the trot - managed 2 days
7) enjoy spending time with at least 8 friends. - Check! so far I have seen Ceri, Teresa, Cathy, Clare, Helena, Janet, Louise, Cleve, my mum and I'll squeeze in a few more before the month is out. Whoop whoop. 
8) eat some fruit and veg every day. - I was doing really well with this until the fill caused issues
9) try at least 1 new thing. - I'm not sure where to start with this. It was meant to be about being brave but I haven't found anything to try. 
10) continue with my counselling sessions.- yes still going every week
11) establish what I need from my next laptop. - bought an Apple Mac Pro. I love it but it's very different to a PC and I'm still getting used to the differences. 
12) cuddle my cat every day. She makes my heart sing even when times are at their worst. - she really does although I now have to make regular references to a cat video on you tube when she does certain things. 


I am doing much better with the I will nots. 

1) cry if I don't get a job. (The right one is out there somewhere.) - I got one
2) feel awful if I don't do the housework. (It will still be there tomorrow.) - check
3) use negative words about myself. (This is my target from my counsellor.) - check
4) spend Andy's birthday alone, crying and miserable. (Because how will that help?) - check ( I cried a little but I texted him and he replied too) 
5) apply for jobs I don't really want. (I like doing supply and having my weekends and holidays.) not applied for any because I got one instead. 
6) curse the iPad for not being a laptop. (It's doing its job!) I bought a laptop so now the iPad lives upstairs and is a fun thing
7) beat myself up over decisions on stupid house stuff or financial errands. (I will get to them when I get to them!) - check. 

So far so good


RockBand Barbie said...

I'm sorry about the veggie situation, but I am oh so happy about your job!! I hope you love it!

Dotti Johnson said...

Boo for no veggies! Silly band, hopefully you find the trick so you can still get them in.
Congrats on the new job, I hope it's going well!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

The band is so tricky isn't it?? Congrats on the job!!!

Beth Ann said...

Hi! I'm relearning how to eat and it blows. But it will help! <3 you!

Cheri said...

Congratulations on the new job! Boy that was fast! :-D

Choppy T said...

Always chew like a madman! OMnomnomnom!!!
Eventually you get used to that pace and have a nice set of jaw muscles sticking out!

Eva Siegel said...

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