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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Ten things Thursday ...

Thanks to our very own Katy Perry lookalike Laura we have our day of randomness known as 10 things Thursday.

1)    I go on holiday tomorrow. I am excited to see how tight the seat belt is on the plane. Will there be any room left?

2)   I love Disney. It is the big kid in me probably but my mum is just the same. It makes me more sad than I can describe that this may be our last holiday but I know I am very lucky to have this opportunity to spend time together and make special memories.

3)   We have some incredible reservations including breakfast/brunch at Cinderella's Royal Table in the castle. I follow this blog which is all about food. I have no plans to stay on track while I am away. I know my band will stop me from doing huge amounts of damage if I follow the rest of the bandster rules.

4)   I've had semi permanent mascara put on for my holiday. It cost quite a bit because I had to have my lashes curled and tinted. From a distance (5 feet) my eyes look great. Up close it looks like I have used some cheap nasty clumpy mascara. I don't like clumpy mascara. I may have a word when I am in tomorrow. I took a before picture but because I am not completely happy, no after picture. I know I need to suck it up.

5)   Pedicure tomorrow!!!!! I need sexy sandal ready feet and because Britain has had rubbish weather from June onwards this year, I am well over due. She'll also touch up my nails and wax my eyebrows while I am there so I am all ready to go. Now if she can just fix this clumpy mascara, I'll be one happy girly.

6)   I did 3 exercise classes in the space of 24 hours!!!! Body conditioning (yes that one with steps and weights that make me want to die!) pilates (straight after body conditioning with the same sadistic instructor) and zumba this morning. That is it until after the holiday though. This trip is about quality time with my mummy.

7)   My friend was supposed to get married today. Her fiancee called off the wedding 12 weeks ago. She is devastated understandably. I have been thinking of her all day.

8)   So a certain friend of mine, who works in a local aquatics shop was supposed to be coming over tonight. See here for the back history. He was coming to help me put up my new kitchen blind. I bought the damned thing in April, collected it in May and can't get it up by myself. He couldn't make it :o( He posted something odd on facebook last week and I've been worried about him so when we were texting today, he was saying how stressed he was so I said not to worry if he couldn't make it, he's got lots on his plate and it is only a blind. He said he was going to get it all sorted once and for all.

9)   Is it very wrong to be hopeful that the thing he had to get sorted was breaking up with his girlfriend?

10)   This will probably be my last blog until after Disney although if I can work out the blogger ap I may appear briefly. I shall miss you all very much and be thinking of you as I tuck into my ribs, burgers, hot dogs, corn bread, clam chowder and cinnamon rolls. To get your own back you can think of me PBing in the bathroom of Cinderella's Castle.


RockBand Barbie said...

Have fun on your Disney trip!!! Take pics so we can see your fun!

Vanessa said...

Have a great holiday - and its so not wrong to hope he's dumping his girlfriend.

FitBy40 said...

Hey, I was hoping it was about breaking up with his girl before you even said it!
Have a fantastic, magical time. enjoy every minute with your mom.

Cheri said...

Just went back and read your WHOLE BLOG after your reply to my comment. Girl, you have some job to make your outside as pretty as your insides, because your insides are sooooo pretty. :-) Have a wonderful trip with your mom. How very very special that the two of you are so close. I'm smiling thinking of the great time you will have!!! It was really fun reading back seeing how much fun you have had planning this trip!

Mari said...

Have a lovely time darling, I'm jealous! I totally hope aquatics man (or fish man as I think of him) has broken up with his girlfriend thus freeing him up for wonderful you! x

MandaPanda said...

Have a wonderful trip and enjoy this time with your mom!

jennxaz said...

hope you have a great trip with your mom!

Ronnie said...

I hope you're having a ton of fun with your darling mother! <3

And I hope he WAS breaking up with his girlfriend... how awesome would that be?