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Monday, 3 June 2013

Starting point.

Following yesterday's post, I weighed myself this morning. I new it would be bad because as I have said multiple times, I've been eating A LOT of crap. Doughnuts, chocolate, cake, biscuits, alcohol, anything sweet or fatty has passed my lips. 

Today I got on the scale and she said 14 stone 0 1/2. (196.4) I'm not crying. It is what it is. It will get better, lower. Back to where I was. Lowest weight was 13 st 3 ish just after I got back from Mexico. That's 11 pounds away. I would like to be there for my birthday in July but it may take a little longer. We shall see. 


Anonymous said...

You can do this. And it might help keep your mind busy too, My Dear.

Even if you don't get there, you will be closer by your birthday.

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

You can do it - onwards and upwards!!!

Kyra said...

I'm starting over too. It just means not giving up and moving forward. :)

Eva Siegel said...

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