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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ten Things Thursday

From the pre-pregnancy brain of the lovely Laura, we have the amazing triple T!!!!!!

10 completely random things from the depths of my mind in any old order.

1)    I have an interview next week for a Senior Leader teaching post. I am too expensive/experienced to be getting regular teaching jobs and going for a promotion is possibly the only way to get back a class of my own. I'm not sure I'm ready for the pressure and commitment but I'll give it my best shot.

2)    It pisses me off that people have been telling me about the evils of my trip to see the dolphins. I get that dolphins would be happier in the wide open sea but I went. Making me feel bad about going is not going to change the fact that I went or the fact that these places exist.

3)     I've been stuck on this 4 pics 1 word for like a month.

4)     I got stung by some fire coral while I was diving in Cozumel. It stung like a ***** and 2 weeks on it is still itchy and looks like this. Attractive huh?

5)     I need to clean my house big time but the hoover is broken and I don't do chasing balls of cat hair around with a broom.

 6)     I was working in a school I spent 3 weeks in in February/March today. The class has some "real characters" in and one is referred to by his teacher as the devil child. I had the nicest day with them and I was expecting to be in tears by lunch. I love it when things work out that way round.

7)     No reply@blogger.com sucks big time. If you have your settings so that nobody can see your email, it doesn't post your address on the site, it barrs bloggers from replying directly to your comments on their blogs without commenting you having to go back and check or needing to comment again or having the conversation in a public place.

8)     One more whole week and then it's BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY!!!!!!!! Whoop whoop. I love the first May bank holiday. Fingers crossed the weather is good enough to make the most of it.

9)     The weather has been really lovely here since I got back from Mexico. Today it was 25* at 5pm when I was on my way home and much higher earlier. We even went on a walk to the shop and got ice lollies at lunch.

10)   A certain bandster who may/may not have inspired my internet dating attempts was after pictures of Andy. He's not good with photos and I don't have a nice one of him I've taken. My attempts end up like this ...

Even the cat thinks he's being an idiot. Love him anyways though.


Ask Me About My Band, My Lap-Band said...

I missed you!!! Glad you are back!!!

RockBand Barbie said...

I don't even know what fire coral is, but I hope I never get near it...that looks painful! I loved your pictures with the dolphins. I would love to swim with them :)

Cheri said...

I don't know how that picture game works, but is the word, "traffic" ?

Good luck with the interview! I hope you get the job, IF it is a job you will be happy in!

Banded In Texas said...

Yikes on the fire coral. Don't stress about what a few think about your dolphin trip...I think dolphins are very social animals and enjoy spending time with other mammals (like us). What a great way to learn about these magnificent beings.
Cheri beat me to it, but yeah, 'traffic'.

Vanessa said...

Fire Coral - yikes!
And I agree about no-reply on blogger... booo

Leigh Costa said...

Everything would be happier in the wild, but only if we then didn't catch them in fish nets and kill them. So awesome that you got to swim with dolphins! And I got TRAFFIC too...

jennxaz said...

fire coral looks painful--yikes! Good luck with the interview!

Rhonda said...

Good luck at your interview!!

Holy crap, does that sting hurt? Can't imagine what it looked like day 1. :((

FitBy40 said...

OMG, have you tried Benadryl? That looks bad!
Best of luck on the interview.

Mari said...

All fingers are crossed for the interview, it would be great to start looking at promotions. Mexico looks beautiful and so do you in your bikini!! One day, I'll wear one! Glad things are going well with Andy, one day you'll snap a good one. Love xxx