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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hold the front page!

Well I was hoping to see this for my bandiversary last week but I have nothing but joy at sharing it with you all now.

**drum roll**

I declare that I am now over half way to my goal weight!!!!

In stones

In pounds
In kilos
This has moved my BMI  down to 29.4. I don't know when I went down into the 29's but do you know what this means???

I am NOT obese!!!!!

Who wants to dance around with me like a crazy person? Woo hoo!!

Things are still going well with A2. We've had 7 great dates. It nearly all went wrong on Sunday. We had a bit of a miscommunication. It was all sorted but I hate that it happened. It did mean that we both realised this means a lot to both of us, certainly more than he has let on before. I can't wait to see him again!

Today is my mum's birthday. She's 64. I'm going out to dinner with her and my dad tonight. It should be interesting. I've never been to this restaurant before and my dad, who I don't get on with well, is the ultimate feeder. He loves others to eat lots so his monstrous portions are less obvious. We shall see. I am not keen to see these numbers vanish again. Unless of course I am exchanging them for a lower variety!

5 months today until Mexico and I would really love to loose 2 stone before then, that's 28 lbs for you non-stone working people. It would take me to 11 stone 5 3/4  or 159.8 It's a very healthy and respectable weight but still a little above my goal. To do it though, I will need to get off my arse and work out a bit more. Of course if things moved a bit quicker with A2, I could get an entirely different sort of workout. ;o) xx


jennxaz said...

thanks for the clarification...I am afraid the stone thing boggles me! Congrats on the lower number..you are sure working it girl!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! What a major accomplishment!!!

spunkysuzi said...

Me, me!! I'm dancing with ya :)
Congratulations and hope there are some good choices at your dinner out!

~Miss Lorie~ said...

Good work! :) I'll do a happy dance with you. Good luck on the A2 exercise!

Sarah G said...

**Happy Dance** yay!

Humble Beginnings said...

7 dates and still no... uh... exercise! Your willpower certainly is a force to be reckoned with!

Great job on the weightloss! So excited to see you doing so well :)

adorkbl said...

CONGRATS!! WOot. Major accomplishment missy!!! And so happy things are going well with A2. :)

Mari said...

So exciting to see those numbers!! You're doing so well and I'm so proud of you!! Hope all is well with A2, tell us more about him! I PROMISE I will text you soon and we shall be accountable to one another, I am back on track as of yesterday so could do with the support. Big love x

Judi said...

Yeah for you!!!!! Congrats! You are doing great! Thanks for clarifying that scale thing!
Thanks for your comments on my blog!
To respond to your question on Trick-or-Treating:
In our neighborhoods, we typically reserve Halloween night for the children to go door-to-door collecting candy from their neighbors. Some neighborhoods choose other nights that suit them better while other neighborhoods have more organized events (parties, block parties, etc) It's a big deal for the kids. Due to the Hurricane, the Trick-or-Treating night in most of our neighborhoods (near me) were moved to Saturday so that all children could go. This is good since it hasn't stopped raining all week and part of the fun is having the kids show off their costumes--can't do that with them covered with rain gear!

tz said...

great news! Congratulations

MandaPanda said...

Wahoo! Well done!